Growing up in Arizona was great. Christmas was always a fun time as it was for any kid. I loved the idea of giving presents and can honestly say that was better than getting them. My favorite memory of Christmas time though was our family's tradition of "light looking" on Christmas Eve. Most of the time we just walked across the street to one of the retirement communities back when they had competitions by street and every street had a different theme. Then we branched out a little and drove to parks a little farther away.
One year my dad loaded up in my moms classic 1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass COnvertible and drove us to see the Christmas Light Displays in Ahwatukee with the top down. My brother and I froze that night.

As I grew up and started a family of my own we continued the tradition in our RV. That was great, warm, TV going, Hot chocolate on the stove and looking at the lights. Then when the kids got tired, well they slept on the bed!

In honor of this tradition I assembled here for you a Map of Christmas Light Displays in Phoenix Arizona 2012.

We Hope you find this map of Christmas Light Displays in Phoenix AZ 2012 helpful and use it to maybe create a tradition of your own! If that includes a new home to decorate for next year, give us a call we are happy to help! 602-284-3553

Directions for map: BLUE is Commercial Holiday light displays RED is residential holiday light displays. click the button to see more information about each Christmas Light Display in Phoenix, AZ 2012!